Malaysia Tourist Attractions

One of the most attractive Southeast Asian island countries is Malaysia who catches the attention of numerous tourists worldwide.  Malaysia offers us to explore her two very idiosyncratic physiographic parts which make this island country exceptional. It is divided into two parts counting the Peninsular Malaysia and the East Malaysia by the South China Sea.  Brunei, Indonesia and the Philippines cover the eastern Malaysian boundary whereas Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are the neighbours of the peninsular Malaysia. Travel in Malaysia offers you an amazing experience for rest of your life.

Rich Culture of Malaysia


Malaysia possesses an enriching tradition and culture. Malaysian population is a blend of Malays, Indians, Chinese, and native groups who create a huge diversity in the cultural and social life of Malaysia and also results in numerous festivals all through the year and some brilliant cuisines.

Amazing Natural Beauty

The amazing natural beauty of Malaysia makes people to feel heavenly. Those gorgeous beaches and some of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests – which are unpredictable easy to reach – make it a dream come true to explore Malaysia. Other than these, the national parks are best destination to watch wildlife and for trekking. River rafting and cave exploration are some of the favourite attractions for the adventurers.

Places to Visit


Malaysia offers the tourists and travelers an exotic experience to explore such an amazingly beautiful island in the marginal seas of Indian Ocean. At the very first the striking Perhentian Islands with the coral reefs attracts the tourists most. After that the world class diving at Sipadan, Layang and some other lesser known destinations; 130 million years old rainforest Taman Negara National Park; the Cameron Highlands – famous for tea plantations offers us to experience heaven on earth. All of these famous location in Malaysia, you can travel to the destination by taking KTM ets railway. The breezy cloud forests give a reprieve from the scorching moist lowland climates. Penang – the old town fills with charm whereas the Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak offers the mesmerizing beauty of mountains. Borneo rainforest is the place of the Orangutans who pull enormous tourists to Malaysia. And Kuala Lumpur – possibly the most multi-cultural capital in the world is the centre of attraction to all the visitors and travelers across the globe. The ethnic melting pot in this city is one of the centre attractions as well.

Land of Diversity

In spite of having a colonial past and still a strong tie to Britain, Malaysia’s official religious conviction is Islam. Though the Malaysian constitution encourage the free will of following religious belief and national holidays are approved during the main religious festivals of the practicing religions other than Islam as well in Malaysia including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity.

Best Time to Visit

If you want to explore the tropical islands and perfect beaches try to visit the eastern Malaysia during March to October, or the western part during November to February.

During the east coast wet season Perhentians stay completely closed so don’t even think to visit this place during November to February.

Reasons why I will Traveled to Singapore

Singapore is frequently seen as only a stopover indicates on your way Australia or to different nations in Asia. Be that as it may, Singapore is a spot to visit in its privilege. Here are a few reasons why!

It is home to numerous astonishing attractions

sentosaThe most obvious motivation to go to Singapore is the amazing attractions that are on offer. The primary spot to visit on your rundown ought to be Sentosa Island. This island is pressed brimming with attractions for families, singles and couples. The exceptional are Resorts World Sentosa where I visited the remarkable Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A. Aquarium is one of the biggest aquaria on the planet, Cove Waterpark as well as Dolphin Island where I swam with dolphins. Sentosa is a nice place and I know lots of friends coming from Indonesia and they book the ferry ticket from this website: For more experience, I took a swipe the indoor sky plunging, zip lining or figure out how to surf.

There is breathtaking shopping

Singapore is prestigious for its fabulous shopping. Plantation Road is one of the awesome spots I visited while in Singapore. Worldwide brands all have a vicinity here, and it is an awesome spot to purchase hardware. Huge shopping fans ought to attempt to be in Singapore in for the Great Singapore Sale for the most part held in June and July. This deal keeps running at two months and costs are sliced by up to 70% over the city.

There is a percentage of the best sustenance on the planet

On account of the assorted social qualities in Singapore, there are some spectacular sustenance alternatives. The three primary ethnic gatherings in Singapore are Chinese, Malay and Indian, and you can discover brilliant nourishment in each of these classifications. There are additionally nourishment decisions over all foods, and the quality is high. Sustenance cleanliness homes in Singapore are additionally high, so you don’t have to stress over the surprise stomachs that can be connected with eating in some Asian nations.

Just a Taste of Singapore

There’s no shot of a plunge in the housetop pool of the Marina Bay Sands, yet Vince does in any event dunk into the nearby cooking as he tests, very quickly, Singapore.

After the short stop off in Kuala Lumpur we kept up the turbo pace and just spent a couple short days in Singapore. If Kuala Lumpur was an update from the grittier Southeast Asian spots, Singapore was the Ritz Carlton. It truly is inconceivable how perfect and advanced that city/nation is. The horizon was somewhat reminiscent of Los Angeles, the walkways are wide and unbroken, road names are basically of English cause, the movement is systematic; it felt like I was back home.

Marina Bay Sands Clubhouse Room

A Skyline of Champions!

In the same way as other voyagers do, we stayed in Little India which is one of the more moderate neighborhoods in the city – Singapore is forcefully costly. It was fascinating to be in this India far from India, in the wake of leaving there only weeks prior. It’s wild exactly how thick of an Indian group has shaped in Singapore, and their way of life/feeling of group appear to be moderately in place, however existing inside of the more created Singaporean city. It’s a decent place to stay, inside of strolling separation to the focal business locale, and near incredible eateries and transportation.

On our first day we needed a lunch to be recollected and we unearthed a Shabu-shabu spot called Steamboat Ramen that gave eats fit for a King. When you express the words “everything you-can-eat” to two American folks who have been going for six weeks, you’re in for limited net revenue on that bill. With a little strategy direction from the gathering of local people beside us, we composed a percentage of the best ramen I’ve ever had – and I’m sensibly prepared.